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    “The most courageous and beneficial self-help books I have ever read.”
    Penelope, Nashville, GA

    “Catherine Fendig writes her story of a life out of control, brilliantly and beautifully truthful. This book is a non-stop read, a guide to aid the person in becoming a well person.”
    Southern Distinction Magazine

    “Refreshingly candid, poignantly personal.”
    Pamela Bauer Mueller, Author
Catherine Fendig
Becoming a Well Woman

This memoir is a deeply moving and courageously honest account of leaving behind unhealthy relationships and finding true love. Catherine’s journey is a modern-day story using spiritual principles of recovery to break free of addiction and the cycle of abuse. It chronicles the process of recovering and offers the amazing promise that anyone willing to do the work can heal from damaged self-esteem and walk into the light of purpose, true peace, and lasting love. A compelling read, filled with moments of laughter and tears, insights and ah-ha’s that can inspire, inform, and change the course of your love life!     $16.95     pp.214


Catherine Fendig
Way of the Well Woman:
A Guidebook for Finding Peace and True Love

This is a step by step guidebook for healing a broken heart. It can help you revamp your love life by learning to use spiritual principles of recovery to break free of the cycle of abuse, addiction, and despair to find peace and true love. These 12 steps have helped countless women who are putting an end to the trail of broken relationships in their life, overcoming low self-esteem, self-destruction, and defeat. The steps covered in this guide are tools to help you to tame your mind, feed your spirit, experience peace, and maintain your daily spiritual condition. Through these pages you can learn to position yourself to receive God’s best!     $16.95     pp.172


Catherine Fendig

Way of the Well Woman:
Your Personal Journal

Use this journal to track your answers to the Way of the Well Woman Guide Book and discover your patterns, triggers, and areas in need of God’s transformative healing.     $10.00     pp.70



Catherine Fendig

Healing a Broken Heart Gift Pack

Give the gift of hope and healing to someone whose love life has gone wrong. This 3-book set includes the memoir Becoming a Well Woman, the Guidebook Way of a Well Woman, the Personal Journal, and a mystery gift that will warm the heart and soften the pain of ending a bad relationship. These resources offer a solution to dealing with unhealthy relationships and provide a roadmap to avoiding future heartbreak.     3 Book Gift Set $30.00  (Save $13.90)    


Catherine Fendig
Miracle Breakthrough
When God Answers Your Prayers with "No" and "Not Yet"...

God has given Catherine one seemingly unreachable man to save. She faces the daunting task of taking care of her estranged, elderly father, who has the onset of dementia. Because of his hardened heart, he desperately needs a touch from God, but adamantly rejects it. Just when breakthrough seem unreachable, a miracle occurs. See how God uses a popular news talk radio station, an ornery elderly man, a recovering alcoholic, and a rescue dog named Angel, to convey a message of hope to us all.     $16.95     pp.182


Catherine Fendig
Restoring Conscious Contact With God:
A Guided Meditation

A CD to enhance your understanding and experience of practicing meditation in your walk with God. Included is a deeply relaxing guided meditation set against a soothing background instrumental.     CD $10.00