- Don't Give Up . . . You Can Change Your Life Forever -
One out of every three women in America suffers shame, guilt, and oppression
from being abused and is unable to maintain a healthy love life relationship.
There is an answer... Catherine has put together resources
to help you find peace, hope, and true love…


Catherine Fendig
Author and Inspirational Speaker

Catherine Fendig

Catherine Fendig is an award winning author and inspirational speaker whose passion is in sharing her life transparently so that others may have hope in their journey to grow and heal.

Raised in an abusive, alcoholic home, Catherine Fendig became an alcoholic herself, divorcing five times by her early thirties. But out of those painful beginnings came Catherine’s amazing journey of transformation and healing.

Today, she seeks to equip others to become confident, God-dependent, balanced, and more spiritually fit. Catherine is an honor graduate from Adelphi University in New York. She lives with her husband Cap on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

There is a path that leads to a good life...

Catherine Fendig
"Through my journey I discovered why I had been drawn to abusive relationships and how to break free of the pattern. I wrote the story of healing to share the keys I was shown....

Becoming A Well Woman speaks to these questions and many more. Through my story you will learn how to stop abandonment, betrayal and abuse in your life, to develop confidence and purpose, and to find true love. You will find safety and protection and learn why you keep picking the same type of man and why your relationships keep failing. You will learn what to do with the shame of your past failed relationships, addiction and despair, and how to break out of the cycle of abuse to find true and lasting love."

Put Action into Your Recovery!

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